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Vouliagmeni Summer House

The renovation in Vouliagmeni concerns the conversion of an apartment into a summer home for a family of three who live in London. The redesign recognizes the need of a home used mainly during holiday, for a central core for accommodation and hospitality, with access to the large balconies of the house and the outdoor barbeque. The living room is spacious and flexible in its function. It is separated from the kitchen and the rest of the house with a vertical element out of walnut, with openable and sliding panels, combined in different ways depending on the use of space on an ad hoc basis. 

The colors and materials that have been used are light and bright, referring to the summer months and reflecting the light that the occupants seek during their visits to Greece. However, the walnut element is darker, to mark the division of spaces. Colorfull furniture and lighting fixtures also give a happy and summery tone, creating an interesting contrast and a pleasant mood.

A large sliding panel connects or isolates the living and dining area with the kitchen and breakfast area, while an openable panel leads to the hallway and the two bedrooms of the family. The wooden partition also includes the cloakroom of the entrance. A second wall covered in walnut is designed in the guestroom. It integrates the guestroom with the en-suite bathroom while it hides storage spaces, forming an independent unit inside the house.