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Island Luxury Hotel

in collaboration with Spacegram


The project proposes the renovation and extension of an existing Hotel in Santorini, located over a steep landscape, opening up to breathtaking views to the volcanic scenery and the Mediterranean. The hotel extension is composed of 15 new rooms, two pools at different levels, a new reception space, theme restaurant, bar and luxury spa facilities. The confined outdoor spaces are maximised to create comfortable and intriguing lounge spaces to take advantage of the ideal location. The strong architectural language of the island and the existing atmosphere of the Cycladic environment define the design language of the proposal.


The Hotel: With a view over the infinity pool, beautifully reflecting light in the evenings, the all-day lounge terrace hanging over the rock becomes a unique spot for relaxed dinners and special occasions. It is visible from all around the hotel, inviting visitors to explore the hotel, walk through it and discover it. The water element runs throughout the project to enhance the atmosphere and connect the visitor to the level of the sea.

The Restaurant is placed on a quiet edge of the hotel, enjoying exclusive view to the famous sunset of Santorini. Perforations on the façade panels create various atmospheres throughout the day, interesting shadows and patterns of light.


A typical suite layout has been developed for the new rooms adjusted on the existing caves footprint, with an open plan bedroom and lounge area, so that the guests can enjoy the view at all times. The private bathroom zone with an internal jacuzzi is placed deep inside the space, with skylights and private gardens to look into. In between sleeping quarters and wet area, the marble washbasins, wardrobes, luggage area and mini bar, create a filter zone between private and public.

Skylights become a main feature in the proposal, bringing light into the long spaces carved deep in the rocks.


Skylights become a main feature in the proposal, both aesthetically and functionally

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